3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Car’s Old Muffler

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April 17, 2016
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June 16, 2016
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3 Reasons You Should Replace Your Car’s Old Muffler

You change your oil every 3,000 miles. You check your brakes, rotate your tires and ensure the rest of your car is in good working order—or, do you? Even responsible car owners often overlook the importance of the muffler. If yours is old or missing altogether, replacing it is beneficial for several reasons.

Reduces Noise Pollution

How many times have you been relaxing in your yard only to be jolted to attention by a noisy car making its way down the road? Chances are that car did not have a proper muffling system. Your vehicle’s muffler is responsible for silencing the otherwise very loud engine. Without the proper one in place, everybody will hear you before they can see you. The noise does nothing for your driving experience, either.

Increases Performance

A car muffler is not just for silencing the engine. It is a vital part of the exhaust system that reduces pressure on your engine. When that exhaust system is not in full working order, your car’s engine overheats and could even fail altogether. Your muffler improves efficiency as well as keeps dangerous fumes out of your car’s cabin.

It’s the Law

As mentioned, a loud engine is noise pollution. In most cities and towns, intentionally contributing to noise pollution is considered disturbing the peace. Without the proper muffler, you could be breaking the law. Although you aren’t likely to be pulled over specifically because of engine noise, an officer will probably mention it if he or she pulls you over for another reason. If the problem is ongoing to the point that neighbors complain about your vehicle, you could end up paying a fine for disturbing the peace.

Don’t let your muffler contribute to startling neighbors, let alone to the demise of your car’s exhaust system and overall performance. Contact a reputable repair company to replace your old muffler.