Professional Brake Repair

Even the smallest brake problem can cause serious trouble. Regular brake checks are necessary to avoid road mishaps. If your brakes need immediate servicing, look no further than Taysom Tire Muffler & Auto Repair. We offer professional brake repair in Orem and Provo, Utah.

Not sure what’s wrong with your brakes? Call us and our licensed mechanics will help you figure it out. Our team uses advanced techniques and equipment to diagnose problems and provide the best solution. We’ll help you find out if you need to replace your brake pads, shoes, or fluid. If the problem can be repaired, we’ll fix it right away.

Act before Your Brakes Fail

Eventually, your car will need brake maintenance. For your safety, it’s important to spot and replace worn-out components before they completely fail. We highly recommend taking your vehicle to our workshop for regular inspections. These will help address existing and potential problems to avoid accidents. Do you hear unusual sounds when you step on the brakes? Those indicate brake problems.

Other common warning signs include:

  • Vibration in the pedal or steering wheel
  • Strong, noxious odors coming from the tires
  • Brake warning light is on

Drive straight to our shop whenever you notice any of these indicators. We’ll perform an inspection to find out what’s wrong with your brakes and its components. We are conveniently located in Orem, Utah.

Contact us if you need help fixing or replacing your brakes in Orem and Provo.