Muffler Parts and Repair

The muffler on your car, truck, or SUV  is responsible for reducing the amount of noise coming from the engine and is an essential part of the vehicle’s exhaust system. A high-quality muffler can even improve your car’s efficiency, power, and overall performance because it allows the engine to work more efficiently by reducing the amount of back pressure present in the exhaust system.Even if you’re not interested in the performance improvements, keeping your muffler in good condition is important to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, keep your vehicle quiet out on the road, and route exhaust fumes away from the cabin to reduce emissions.

Taysom Tire Muffler & Auto Repair has a team of qualified technicians who specialize in muffler repair in Provo and Orem, and can help with anything related to your exhaust system. Call us if you have a leaking, bent, or rusty muffler and we’ll your vehicle in right away for service, whether you need a minor repair or full muffler replacement

Signs Your Muffler Needs Repair or Replacement:
  • Strong, burning smell
  • Loud rumbling noise when you drive
  • Fumes inside the car

We Know Mufflers 

With decades of experience in the automotive repair industry, we’re confident that we can meet all of your muffler repair and replacement needs. We know how mufflers work and how to fix them when they fail, and our mechanics have the technical know-how to take on any muffler job in Utah. We offer a great value for your money on high-performance mufflers and other automotive components.

Need a customized muffler for your vehicle? No problem. Customization is one of our areas of expertise. We’ll design a muffler that will fit your car perfectly and provide the performance you expect.

Discover why more clients are choosing Taysom Tire Muffler & Auto Repair as their premier automotive service provider provider for mufflers in Orem and Provo. Browse our website or call us to learn more about our products, services, rates, and special offers.